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Vital Signs: Normal and Abnormal Ranges for the Adult Client $19.95
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Vital Signs: Normal and Abnormal Ranges for the Adult Client

The essence of medicine and nursing practice is comprised of fundamental elements essential to the care of adult and elderly patients. Vital signs, though basic in theory, yield invaluable information as a snapshot of a patient’s overall health status. According to research, patients who have unanticipated admissions to intensive care units or experience cardio-respiratory arrests frequently have declines in vital signs prior to these proceedings. This illustrates the profound impact that vital signs and the subtle changes in them have over patient outcomes. Unfortunately, advances in technology as well as the need for quicker assessments have resulted in almost exclusive reliance on automated machines. The expense and inaccuracy of automated machines has prompted a reassessment of best practice to obtain vital sign data. The goal of this course is to provide licensed healthcare clinicians with an in-depth knowledge base of vital signs and their components as well as the best practice techniques to perform when gathering vital sign data elements. By providing essential information on vital signs in the adult population, the likelihood of unnecessary interventions and mistakes will be lessened. In this course, you will learn about the five primary vital signs. The course will include blood pressure, pulse, respirations, temperature, and pain. You will revisit your own knowledge base of obtaining vital signs, the equipment required, and the understanding of abnormal values and common variations between adult and elderly populations. In addition, through interactive exercises, case scenarios, and didactics, you will be able to distinguish findings that need to be communicated to the appropriate individuals.
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Vital Signs: Normal and Abnormal Ranges for the Adult Client
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