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Skin Assessment: Signs and Symptoms of Clients at Risk $19.95
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Skin Assessment: Signs and Symptoms of Clients at Risk

The integumentary system is the body's largest organ. Skin is the heaviest single organ of the body and accounts for about 16% of body weight. The integumentary system is the first line of defense for our bodies and plays an integral role in keeping us healthy. When the skin breaks down and an opening is created, it can lead to serious infection. If the skin is over-exposed to environmental elements such as excessive heat or cold, it can become damaged or even necrotic. It is imperative that the skin be in good working order in order to optimize your health. Performing a thorough skin assessment is of upmost importance to every healthcare provider regardless of area of specialty. All providers have a chance to assess some portion of a patient's skin, and need to be vigilant about looking for abnormalities. This course will walk you through all aspects of performing a thorough skin assessment according to best practice guidelines. The course will go in-depth on preparing for the exam, implementing the skin assessment, and diagnosing abnormalities you may find during the exam. Through a blend of didactic information, clinical pictures, case studies, and self-evaluation to facilitate your learning experience, you will gather information that is essential to assessing the integumentary system. The target audience for this course is registered nurses and advanced practice nurses.
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Skin Assessment: Signs and Symptoms of Clients at Risk
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