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The Foundations and Fundamentals of Gangs and Gang Membership $45.00
Special Populations in Corrections

The Foundations and Fundamentals of Gangs and Gang Membership

Gang culture has become pervasive in our society and is known to increase the level of delinquency and criminal activity in its members. This increased level of criminal activity brings the gang culture into our jails, prisons, and to those under community supervision. For many gang members, the gang is the member's family. Being a member of the gang becomes the most important role in the person's life and that sense of family belonging follows the inmate into incarceration. As gang membership grows in correctional facilities, new management strategies are needed in order to address this growing disruptive population. Failure to understand the correlates of gang membership and what that membership means in an offender's life impedes the ability to provide effective supervision of the offender. This course teaches you the reasons for gang membership and how that membership affects the gang member's participation in delinquent and criminal activity. This course will explore the issues faced in defining gangs and gang members. It will provide you insight into gang processes from joining, to participating, and to leaving the gang. This course is based on From the Street to the Prison: Understanding and Responding to Gangs by Scott Decker, PhD. Professionals in corrections taking this course will learn the correlates of gang membership and how gang membership can affect the behavior of the gang member through the use of instructional material, experiential exercises, vignettes, and pop-up material. The information in this course is appropriate for all types of correctional personnel at all levels.
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The Foundations and Fundamentals of Gangs and Gang Membership
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